The New Age of Sail

August 30, 2022

Via email:

These unique innovative ships foreshadow a fleet for the decarbonization of an industry which seeks credible and realistic ways to cope with the climate crisis from a maritime perspective.

By doing so, TOWT is responding to the demand for decarbonisation, transparency, reliability and operational flexibility from its multiple clients, on the four continents.
The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in late 2023, in Concarneau (France), while the second will be delivered in spring 2024.
Sailing cargo ships for the future
These ships of 80 metres long will carry more than 1,100 tonnes of cargo (i.e. nearly 50 semi-trailers or over 100 containers), with 12 passengers on board, two masts (schooners), and nearly 3,000 m² of sails.
The two vessels will ship cargo on behalf of over 50 committed clients at speed about 10 knots reducing by more than 90% the carbon footprint, to and from the four continents, forming the first principally wind-moved fleet of this kind.


One Response to “The New Age of Sail”

  1. Anthony O'Brien Says:

    There is a reason this is a 3D image, because it is not going to happen. All those masts and rigging would get in the way of loading and unloading slowing down the processes immensely.

    Flettner Rotors and kites are indeed used. But not sails.

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