Joe Biden: “We Beat the Climate Deniers”

August 25, 2022

Dark Brandon in fine form.

Check out @atrupar thread on this.


3 Responses to “Joe Biden: “We Beat the Climate Deniers””

  1. redskylite Says:

    If this year of global extremes of heatwaves, flood and droughts, in a average post La Niña period, hasn’t convinced the skeptics, they surely must be wondering what the heck is in store for us all during the next strong El Niño, looking at global temperature statistics, which show a clear upwards trend. (excluding the UAH’s stats which measures the temperatures high up in the Troposphere (where no creatures roam).

  2. jimbills Says:

    Awesome. The score is now 1 for the climate activists compared to 37 for the deniers. Biden got a bill that was much needed, but still very watered down – the very first major climate bill after decades of inaction. Incredible, incredible victory.

    ‘A deal with the devil’:

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