TV Report on Great Salt Lake Crisis – No Mention of Climate Change

August 20, 2022

TV station KSL apparently affiliated with Deseret News, which is the voice of the Mormon Church, as I understand.

2 Responses to “TV Report on Great Salt Lake Crisis – No Mention of Climate Change”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Climate change has of course aggravated and accelerated the problem, but a Megadrought was, AIUI, always forecast for the US Southwest based on pre-existing cycles.

    Next you add the horribly dysfunctional approach to water use throughout the region (rewarding the growing of alfalfa animal feed in the desert). For decades these desert cities have been growing in population with newcomers that want lawns (irrigated with drinking water) and swimming pools, and the businesses happy to supply them.

    We’re seeing catastrophic climate change take out the weakest parts of the system first, but as the mitigation and adaptation and FEMA costs build up decade on decade, even well-managed places will start to struggle (especially after the refugees start to pile up).

  2. jimbills Says:

    For the record, the Deseret News is owned and operated by the LDS Church. But, I’ve never gotten even a hint of climate denial from that publication.

    Utah is super conservative, and it has horror show politicians like Sen. Mike Lee, but the LDS Church itself has never really been in the climate denial game, and politicians like Mitt Romney are a better reflection of their outwardly stated environmental preferences (i.e. climate change is real and man-made, use conservative economic policies to address it).

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