Colbert and Granholm on EVs and Manchin Climate Bill

August 3, 2022

6 Responses to “Colbert and Granholm on EVs and Manchin Climate Bill”

  1. Mark Mev Says:

    Trying to verify something I read or heard about this legislation but of course can’t remember where. I swear it was something about offshore wind leases not being available until one year after offshore oil and gas leases have been offered for sale or sold???

    • Mark Mev Says:

      I’m now hearing about this again from TYT and Bloomberg:

      “Under the bill, the Interior Department would only be able to issue new onshore wind and solar rights of way on federal land if the agency had held an onshore oil and gas lease sale in the prior four months. For offshore wind, the requirement would be for an auction of offshore oil and gas leases spanning at least 60 million acres in the year beforehand.”

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        If there is a lower limit (“reserve price”) on such oil&gas leases such that fossil fuel companies can’t get them too cheaply if no one else bids, then we can hope that it might not be worth their while to develop those fields in the current trend toward lower FF investment, while the value of West Texas wind holds stead or increases.

        (Yet Another Stupid Fantasy of mine is that Feds establish and enforce a policy that companies fully seal any wells when they stop using those fields.)

        • Mark Mev Says:

          I’ve heard that they are supposed to fund the capping in some parts of the country, but I’ve also heard that it is not enough and tax payers ended up paying for it. I have not read any good overall assessments on this other than it is a looming issue all of the US with depleted or low producing older fracking wells that have just been left to sit because they had become economically unprofitable.
          I like your acronym, YASF. It applies to my every time I really think a progressive is going to win a primary against a centrist democrat ( who would have been a mainstream republican decades ago).

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    From this day forward, though I’ve seen it dozens of times over the years, I will think of the act of a functionary for the empire shilling for a crappy bill by faking an absurd amount of enthusiasm in an obviously fake way as a “Granholm”.
    This is a bill that tows the right wing-corporate line & puts the responsibility on the individual. Right wingers believe it because they feel alone in the world & can’t imagine (more accurately, feel their way into) anything else; others rarely even notice it because it’s such a relentlessly flogged piece of propaganda.

    On clear display here:
    The We-can’t-make-the-price-of-oil-less (or even more bizarrely, more) because-it’s-a-global-market bullshit. One more smoke-screen for all the things the Democrats could have done but won’t, like the obvious move now to finally! nationalize the corporations preventing the prevention of climate catastrophe while privatizing the Congress & SCrOTUS people who work for those criminal organizations.

    Lisa Murkowski is for whatever gets more Alaskan oil & gas drilled. Nothing else matters to her & anything goes to increase it. Like all congresspeople’s, her vote has always been for sale, but now the price is dropping as fast as wind & solar’s. Thus the thing Mark Mev is talking about. Offshore wind is about to break open the US to be fully powered by clean safe fast cheap reliable renewable energy.

    An aside (stage whisper):
    Wind power off the US east coast could supply all the energy (not just electricity) all 14 Atlantic coast states use. The farther north it is the stronger it is, generally, so extending that all the way could take Canada from its current 66% RE grid a good part of the way to 150% of all its energy. It would have a lot to export (with some help from BC geothermal & plains wind, & some solar).

    The height of wind tech right now is the GE Haliade-X 12 MW turbine that’s been tweaked to an amazing 14 MW. It’s 50-60% better than anything available before, with a capacity factor of 63%+, higher than US coal & gas. But in the next 2 or 3 years, Siemens-Gamesa, Vestas, & Ming Yang will each offer models in the 14-16 MW range. (No word yet on capacity factor afaik, but I expect them to be incrementally better at least.) Gulf coast & Great Lakes wind will add even more, & gradually improving turbines will open up the west coast too. (THE top priority for the world should be to make that happen faster, btw.) No NIMBY fights (well, except for the self-destructive fishing industry, the US military, & more Koch/Kennedy-type yachtsies).

    Biden et al have been slow-walking east coast wind power; moon-walking it in fact, when they could, but we knew the Republicans weren’t finished their anti-wind fuckery. This is their bid to stop offshore wind in its tracks (or wake. Whatever.) & it’s yet another monstrous betrayal by the oligarchic Democrats, acting in concert with the Rs. I’m shocked–shocked! … No, I can’t even pretend in writing to be surprised. The significance of this is so huge the Squad et al need to kill this turkey if it ever actually has a chance of passing. A terrible, disgusting tragedy-within-a-tragedy-within-a-tragedy-within-a-tragedy… We’ve seen this too many times. When will it be enough?

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