Evergreen Denial Meme. “The World has not warmed Since…..”

August 1, 2022

“Two things are infinite – the Universe and Human stupidity – and I’m not sure about the Universe.”

– Albert Einstein

We’re living in the future that scientists accurately predicted 50 years ago, and there are still those refusing to come to grips with it.
Below, a graph of actual global temperatures (heavy black line) along with the projections of various science teams since the 1970s – the accuracy, given the scale of the physics involved, is stunning over 50 years.

Nevertheless, in response to increasing disasters, we’re still seeing the warmed-over “it hasn’t warmed since” meme. My video from 2016 shows how it’s done, above.


2 Responses to “Evergreen Denial Meme. “The World has not warmed Since…..””

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I predict another burst of it’s-not-really-warming when we get to the next step in the “escalator” in the next decade or so.

  2. redskylite Says:

    People such as David Rose, Judith Curry are just wasting humanities time, sowing doubt and skepticism. They keep trying decade after decade delaying our extremely urgent need to address our carbon imbalance, they seem to have no appreciation for time.

    As the University of Cambridge point out we need to think of the long term effects of our industrial ways on our group existence, not think in units of a few years, and not be afraid of being labeled “alarmist” by the followers of denial and skepticism.

    “Experts call for a new ‘Climate Endgame’ research agenda, and say far too little work has gone into understanding the mechanisms by which rising temperatures might pose a catastrophic risk to society and humanity.

    Global heating could become “catastrophic” for humanity if temperature rises are worse than many predict or cause cascades of events we have yet to consider, or indeed both.
    The world needs to start preparing for the possibility of a “climate endgame”.


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