Big Project Stumble on Local Control

August 1, 2022

One Response to “Big Project Stumble on Local Control”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    50 minutes in the air is a deception.

    1-2 hours getting to the airport, at least an hour in the 1st airport (3 hours for those of us considered terrorists by our paranoid insecurity state–yet another reason I haven’t flown for 15 years) close to an hour in the 2nd airport, another hour or 2 getting to the destination. Unless you’re staying at one of the phenomenally suburbutt-ugly prefab hotels with chain restaurants & highway spaghetti.
    Or you could take the train in leg-stretching comfort.

    6 hours by car
    5-8 hours uncomfortable hours with a plane as part of it. (Don’t forget the 7 free pretzel nubs.)
    4 hours door to door by state of the art train. (Admittedly, in California a tour of back alleys & prisons a good bit of the trip.) And it would be even faster by now.

    We’re in an existential crisis, & it’s no wonder. The US has bee an inexcusable drag on progress in every realm. China built 17,000 miles of hsr in 10 years, while it was coming to so massively dominate every single aspect of sustainability it has 75-99% of the world’s capacity on virtually every one. In 20 years China will have a well-coordinated, virtually pollution-free energy & transport system, a mostly reforested country & a technological & educational basis with which it can launch endeavors in any direction it wants—more nimble, faster, cheaper, with less drag from illness & death. It will take over the world if there’s anything left.

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