Bill Maher on the Population Bomb

July 30, 2022

Less interested in recent years in what Bill Maher has to say, but he is spot on here.

Below, Science according to Herschel Walker.

2 Responses to “Bill Maher on the Population Bomb”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    This is an actual Herschel Walker book from 2009:

  2. jimbills Says:

    Kudos to Maher for even bringing up growth. It’s the “no duh” root of the problem, to me at least, and it’s pretty much never discussed. The elephant in the room sends its regards.

    On population growth itself (not just economic growth), I’m pretty sure Musk is talking about the impacts to economic growth because of a falling population (but who knows what’s going on in his mind, really).

    But here’s the thing – if we don’t address growth (population + economic), sooner or later, we’ll get that ‘population collapse’ that Musk fears, and in a lot more catastrophic a way than in Japan right now.

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