Greenland Update

July 7, 2022

Got to run up Greenland’s longest road today to do some recon.

We’ll be flying tomorrow to our research site at the glacier Issunguata Sermia, and I’ll be off the grid till late sunday or monday.

UPDATE: Just got word we are delayed for a day due to our chopper being called on an emergency rescue. This happens from time to time, so savvy teams build in extra time in their schedule. that gives me some needed time to review my back pack and see if I can shed some pounds….

While we’ll be choppering up there, the way back will be partially on foot, carrying our equipment out, so packing light tonight. Wish it could be lighter, but cameras are heavy.
Took some pictures of the ice sheet edge and the road up there.
I’ve not been in this area in 5 years, and the changes are dramatic.

More on that later.

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