Chinese Battery Could Be Breakthrough

June 26, 2022

If I was range anxiety, I’d be getting anxious right now.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, abbreviated as CATL, is a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company founded in 2011 that specializes in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems.


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. unveiled an electric-car battery it said has a range of over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) on a single charge and is 13% more powerful than one planned by Tesla Inc., a major customer. 

CATL, as the world’s biggest maker of electric-car batteries is known, will start manufacturing the next-generation “Qilin” next year, according to a video the Chinese company streamed online Thursday. The battery charges faster than existing cells, and is safer and more durable, CATL said. 

The Qilin battery, named after a mythical Chinese creature, has an energy density of up to 255 watt-hour per kilogram, Ningde, Fujian-based CATL said. 

“It’s an important advancement for CATL as it keeps them at the forefront on the innovation side,” said Tu Le, managing director of Beijing-based consultancy Sino Auto Insights. “Being the lowest cost provider isn’t enough to command loyalty, there needs to be more to it — and that seems to be the Qilin battery for CATL.”

CATL’s shares climbed 5.9% in Shenzhen, closing at the highest since Feb. 9. 

Meanwhile, other major auto makers not sleeping either – see below:


  • Mercedes-Benz’s electric concept car drove 747 miles on a single charge of its battery pack.
  • The longest-range electric car on the market is the 520-mile Lucid Air, which costs $169,000.
  • The Vision EQXX isn’t for sale.

Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-long-range electric car traveled 747 miles without stopping to charge, beating its previous record, the company said Thursday.

The sleek Vision EQXX, drove from Stuttgart, Germany, to Silverstone in the UK. Earlier this year, Mercedes took the concept car on a 626-mile drive but estimated it could have gone considerably farther.

The Vision EQXX previews a future when, potentially, electric vehicles can travel such great distances that people won’t need to worry much about where to charge up. Today, range anxiety — the fear of running out of energy before making it to a charging station — ranks among the biggest concerns for existing and would-be electric-car owners.

With this latest trip, Mercedes-Benz handily beat every electric vehicle on sale today. Tesla’s longest-range vehicle, the Model S, can travel a bit over 400 miles per charge, The Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Lucid Motors, a new startup, sells a $169,000 sedan that’s rated to travel 520 miles between stops, making it the rangiest vehicle on the market.

Detroit Free Press:

The race to alleviate range anxiety among electric vehicle owners got a potential boost thanks to a Michigan battery maker that used its cutting edge technology to power a 2021 Tesla Model S 752 miles across the Great Lakes state on a single charge.

That real world test drive of Our Next Energy’s (ONE) Gemini battery took place Dec. 17, saidMujeeb Ijaz, founder and CEO of the Novi-based company.

The Tesla drove an average of 55 mph on the trek from ONE’s Novi headquarters to the Upper Peninsula and back. The results were validated by a third party using a vehicle dynamometer. Ijaz said he could not name the firm that validated the results due to ONE’s agreement with it but said it was a global company in metro Detroit that does EPA certification for automakers.


3 Responses to “Chinese Battery Could Be Breakthrough”

  1. smurfix Says:

    Yeah, well, everybody fails to mention how many charge cycles this new battery is expected to sustain. Without that number the rest is interesting but ultimately useless, I’ve seen announcements of ~250 Wh/kg before but pushing batteries with that capacity to >1000 cycles, in a harsh EV environment with less than optimal temperatures etc., is another matter entirely.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      I was going to comment on being chary about tech announcements via investor channels, since they’re all about drumming up interest from non-technical people to get money. They might hype a prototype, for example, which has all the benefits of expensive custom fabrication and might not have been challenged by real-world stresses.

      There’s also a problem with getting tech hype from tech channels, because they tend to focus on the sexy technological aspect and can ignore mass production issues or logistical problems with ingredients (e.g., depends on a very rare resource). What makes a cool toy might not make a profitable mass market product.

    • Gingerbaker Says:

      They claim service life of 3,000 charge cycles.

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