The “Other Side” of Canada’s 2021 Heat Wave was Massive Flooding

June 23, 2022

A year-long analysis of massive flooding that took place in Southeast Michigan has been completed.
Not included in the press report is that Detroit’s flood was the result of a “stuck” jet stream pattern that, on the other side of North America, caused the deadly and catastrophic heat wave that delivered Death Valley-like temperatures to the Glacial valleys of British Columbia. (121 F in Lytton Canada – see video above)

Although the study by a panel of experts concluded that some pumping stations were not performing as designed, the flooding would have overwhelmed them in any case.
Continuing to the learn the lesson that infrastructure built for a different planet is not up to the challenge of a warming world. Expensive lessons ahead.

Detroit Free Press:

But even if all pumps were working fully, widespread basement backups and surface flooding in roadways was “inevitable,” according to investigators who reported their findings at a GLWA Board of Directors meeting Wednesday.

“The intensity of the rainfall far exceeded the designed capacity of the wastewater system and, as a result, some level of both surface flooding and basement backups was unavoidable,” the report reads.

The rainfall qualified as historic: between a 200-year to 1,000-year storm depending on the area where rain fell, according to investigators. GLWA’s system is designed for a 10-year storm of 1.7 inches of rain falling over an hour or 3.31 inches in 24 hours.  


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