On Jimmy Kimmel, Biden Talks Climate

June 9, 2022

Climate discussion begins at 8:00.

One Response to “On Jimmy Kimmel, Biden Talks Climate”

  1. tildeb Says:

    Biden still can’t compliment – or even mention – Tesla, the indisputable leader of producing and selling EVs. At best, he’s absolutely silent on the dedicated smear campaign against it, silent on the unusual targeting by federal transportation agents, and silent on the never-ending short selling by people who say they want to address climate change by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels but use billions and billions of dollars to harm its stock and profit by doing so.

    But Biden can and repeatedly does mention and praise by name GM, Ford, and Chrysler for their ‘commitment’ to some future EVs, companies that have worked hand in glove with oil companies to suppress the electrification of transportation. For decades.

    As long as the union element directs Democrat attention and praise more than companies that actually do the job effectively addressing climate change with real world real life solutions (and better pay and benefits for its American workers than legacy combustion engine manufacturers), we’re fooling ourselves to think a Democratic government should, ought, or even could lead the way. Neither are the Republicans. Biden himself has turned support for EVs into just another deeply divisive partisan political issue on the basis of trying to court union support. That, I think, is deeply shameful, shortsighted, and creates just one more problem on the path to transitioning to renewable energy in all sectors.

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