Local TV Sting Operation Snares Solar Scammers in Atlanta

May 25, 2022

I’ve posted recently on rooftop solar scammers that operate across the country.
Above and below, an Atlanta TV station investigated claims vs performance of some of those shady solar installers (who constantly bombard my YouTube feed with come ons).

Below, key indicator that your installer may be a scammer.

“Powerhome Solar”, recently renamed “Pink Energy” CEO Jayson Waller stands tall with President Trump.


One Response to “Local TV Sting Operation Snares Solar Scammers in Atlanta”

  1. Daniel Berger Says:

    Our system was installed by Power Home Solar, and it works fine. Granted, their loan partner refused to approve a system as large as I needed (we had just purchased an EV and new heat pumps), but what they installed works fine. It’s been three years now.

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