Climate Politics: Australia’s Pro Coal PM is Gone

May 21, 2022

Above, Scott Morrison famously brought a lump of coal into Australia’s Parliament, prior to becoming Prime Minister.

Washington Post:

Australia delivered a stinging defeat to the country’s ruling conservative coalition on Saturday in what amounted to a personal rebuke of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s abrasive brand of leadership.

The result paves the way for opposition leader Anthony Albanese to become the next prime minister. But it was unclear whether his center-left Labor Party would win an outright majority or be forced to negotiate with a handful of independent and Greens candidates elected on platforms of combating climate change.

Independent and Greens candidates appeared on track to win around a dozen seats — thanks, in part, to a focus on climate change, an issue that exit polling suggested was on many voters’ minds.

“I think there was a real attempt from Liberal and Labor to bury it as an election issue,” Greens leader Adam Bandt told the ABC. “And we were really clear about the need to tackle climate by tackling coal and gas.”

Zali Steggall, an independent who retained her seat on Sydney’s north shore, said a failure to address climate change had hurt both major parties.

“Climate change simply did not feature in the policies and platforms from the major parties and in particular from Scott Morrison,” she said. “It’s like he forgot that over the last three years, we were ravaged by bush fires and floods and somehow, it was swept under the carpet.”


7 Responses to “Climate Politics: Australia’s Pro Coal PM is Gone”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Impressively quick Greenperson,
    Climate change was about the top concern according to polling which is loverly. Hopefully action will result.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    A note to My Fella Americans: The Australian Liberal Party roughly maps to what we’d call Libertarian* here.
    *What I would describe as “all personal rights with no social responsibilities” or “I’ve got mine so fuck you.”

  3. Anthony O'Brien Says:

    A bit more on the “Teal Independents”

    Clive Palmer a mining billionaire that doesn’t pay his workers spent huge amounts on his United Australia Party. The Australian Q annon, including the World Health Organisation are going to take over our health departments. United Australia Party got 4.3% of the vote a gain of 0.8%. You couldn’t look at You Tube for more than a few minutes without seeing a UAP ad, double wraps on major newspapers on regular basis. Not as much on free to air TV. I saw more UAP advertising than all the other parties combined. NOT ONE SEAT.

  4. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Just to add to the positive news. The morning after is awash with promises of action climate action wah wah. Am skeptical how much is from the heart but political pressure/necessity for action works too.

    • Bryan Ackerly Says:

      Im still hoping it ends up being a minority government, as that will push the agenda of the greens and “teal” independents who campaigned heavily on the climate change agenda.

      But one thing is for sure. The coal loving Conservative party here has been forced into some serious soul searching!!!

      • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

        Most pleasing to see those pompous 1950s men get hammered. The new government has LOUDLY committed to climate action. So a minority government is not vital. Can expect the greens and teal to hold the balance of power in the senate. Interesting and hopeful times!

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