As Lake Powell Disappears, Lost Wonders of Glen Canyon Emerge

May 12, 2022

Two Stunning CBS reports reflect different perspectives on the great drying of Lake Powell.

One perspective comes from an environmentalist advocating the rehabilitation of Glen Canyon, the spectacular landscape that was submerged when the Lake was created. Another perspective is from a fishing guide looking at the end of his livelihood.
These two videos cover some of the same ground but both deserve a watch because the bring home vividly the dramatic change in landscape, and water resources, that an aridifying climate is bringing.


One Response to “As Lake Powell Disappears, Lost Wonders of Glen Canyon Emerge”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Those new plants in the “lost canyon being reborn” represent a transient ecosystem. That ground will soon be dry and roasted as the aridification continues.

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