Explainer: How Ukraine War is Jacking Fossil Gas Prices

May 10, 2022

Above, good Wall Street Journal explainer on the Ukraine war’s effects on fossil gas supplies.

Below, I interviewed Dr Peter Schubert, Director of the Lugar Center for Renewable Energy at the University of Indiana-Purdue at Indianapolis, and we talked about the relationship between domestically sourced renewable energy and national security.


One Response to “Explainer: How Ukraine War is Jacking Fossil Gas Prices”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Some notes about avoiding “single point of failure”:

    – It doesn’t matter if you have the most redundant hardware system in the world if the same software with the same bugs was installed on all your controllers.

    – A regional hard freeze, wind storm, heat wave or flood can cause many simultaneous failures in multiple parts of the system.

    – It doesn’t help to design redundant or resilient systems in place if the actual materials or fabrication are of stunningly poor quality:

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