Renewables Could Rescue Texas in May Heat

May 9, 2022

Washington Post:

Temperatures as high as 112 degrees shattered records in Texas on Saturday, setting off a prolonged heat wave that will expand through much of the central United States.

Parts of Texas could see record-challenging heat in the next six days while record highs near 90 degrees could expand as far north as the Great Lakes by Thursday.

It’s the first heat wave of 2022 in the Lower 48 states, at a time when people aren’t yet acclimated to hot weather, increasing the risk of heat-related illness. The National Weather Service has issued heat advisoriesfor portions of Central and South Texas on Sunday. They will probably need to be reissued and extended northward and eastward over the coming days.

“If you have outdoor plans, be sure to practice heat safety and stay hydrated,” the Weather Service office serving Austin and San Antonio tweeted early Sunday.

The heat will also intensify a critical-to-extreme fire threat that stretches from New Mexico to West Texas.

Many thermal power plants have been off line for regular maintenance, which you used to be able to do in April and May and not worry about roasting heat. Renewables will be a critical piece this week.


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