Birds Aren’t Real Tweaks Conspiracy Culture

May 5, 2022

Birds are actually AI drones spying on you.

It’s no crazier than the conspiracy culture that has taken over much of our political discussion. One Gen Z-er has taken the idea and run with it.

2 Responses to “Birds Aren’t Real Tweaks Conspiracy Culture”

  1. mboli Says:

    A very nice chuckle!

    I feel that if I encountered one of these demonstrations I might have gotten the joke fairly quickly, after a couple of minutes of confusion.

    But if I encountered the one guy Peter McIndoe and his van I might not have seen the joke.

    Bits and pieces of the conspiracy they cooked up — birds recharging on a electric wires, the government whistle blower — are laugh out loud funny parody.

    Does the gun control activist mentioned in this video, who has been the victim of conspiracy nuts, ever think think the parody as a whole becomes unfunny?

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

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