Should You Get and Induction Stove?

May 3, 2022

Canary Media:

I wanted to tackle this subject by answering the basic questions that a lot of people still aren’t clear on. Why should someone consider switching to induction? What pots and pans work on induction stoves? How fast does it boil water? How well does it cook various foods? I rent my home, so I’m not in a position to replace the stove. Instead, I bought a portable induction cooktop — an affordable way to try out this new tech. 

Watch the video for a crash course in induction fundamentals. I’ll just say that the new stove surprised me with how powerful it is. It crushed my gas stove in a head-to-head race to boil water. I burned some onions because it browned them so much faster than I expected. 

Induction has a learning curve, because you can cook at highly specific, digitally controlled temperatures, unlike anything one can do with a gas flame. How hot should your pan be to fry an egg? I cook a lot of eggs, but never cracked open that question. Once you get the hang of this specificity, it’s a real boon — you can simmer soup stock for hours knowing it will never boil, for instance. 

Then there’s the cleanliness. You aren’t combusting fossil fuels in your home, so your air quality is better. But you’re also not throwing off excess heat into the kitchen, since the magnetics heat the metal of your pan, not the surrounding air. And tidying up means simply wiping down a flat glassy surface.

One Response to “Should You Get and Induction Stove?”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    We have an LG induction range, and we love it. It outperforms both electric and gas stoves by a wide margin.

    It’s faster to reach both higher and lower temperatures. The whole bottom of the pan gets even heat, not just a little circle like you get with gas. There is no more getting burned hands from gas flames creeping up the sides of pans or pots.

    The highest setting is more powerful than either gas or electric, and the lower settings are useful and stable. I can now put oatmeal on a low simmer for an hour if need be and not find burned glop at the bottom of the pot.

    With a little careful shopping we bought a new set of Cuisinart induction ready pots and pans for about $120.00. Bought a very large stainless induction-ready stockpot from a restaurant supply shop on-line for about $40.00. Pretty reasonable since our old set of Cuisanarts were heat damaged after about three decades of use on a regular electric coil range.

    Induction spoils you. When we travel to vacation spots or visit relatives, using their gas stoves is SUCH a hassle.

    We got our about three years ago. They have gone up in price since then, which is disappointing. Still worth it just for the cooking experience, imho, if not also the environmental benefit.

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