Reservoirs Hit New Lows as Drought Deepens in West

May 1, 2022

Above, ABC report on California’s sewage recycling efforts. At the nation’s largest reservoir, a jarring new low has been recorded.


The West is in the grips of a climate change-fueled megadrought, and Lake Mead — the largest manmade reservoir in the country and a source of water for millions of people — has fallen to an unprecedented low. 

The lake’s plummeting water level has exposed one of the reservoir’s original water intake valves for the first time, officials say.

The valve had been in service since 1971 but can no longer draw water, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, which is responsible for managing water resources for 2.2 million people in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas.

Across the West, extreme drought is already taking a toll this year and summertime heat hasn’t even arrived yet. Drought conditions worsened in the Southwest over the past week, the US Drought Monitor reported Thursday. Extreme and exceptional drought, the two worst designations, expanded across New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado — all states that are part of the Colorado River basin.

Below, Sammy Roth of the Los Angeles Times points to drought challenges, and opportunities.

One Response to “Reservoirs Hit New Lows as Drought Deepens in West”

  1. renewableguy Says:

    I was at a resort talking to a programmer for the water supply out west about 3 years ago. I am very low on any specifics. His panic was that they were drilling new lower tunnel lower in Lake Mead to get their on time for the lowering lake.

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