Still April, and Water “Emergency” in LA

April 27, 2022

Above, local TV coverage of unprecedented water restrictions features revealing interviews with some homeowners bitching about the impact on their lawns.

Los Angeles Times:

Southern California officials on Tuesday took the unprecedented step of declaring a water shortage emergency and ordering outdoor usage be restricted to just one day a week for about 6 million people in parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino counties. 

The outdoor watering restrictions will take effect June 1 under the decision by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and will apply to areas that depend on water from the drought-ravaged State Water Project.

“We are seeing conditions unlike anything we have seen before,” said Adel Hagekhalil, the district’s general manager. “We need serious demand reductions.”

The MWD’s board has never before taken such a step and the resolution adopted by the water wholesaler will bring the first widespread water restrictions imposed in Southern California during the current  extreme drought.

California’s drought, now in a third year, has become the driest on record and has been intensified by hotter temperatures unleashed by climate change. With the state’s major reservoirs at low levels, the MWD has been left without enough water in parts of Southern California.

“These areas rely on extremely limited supplies from Northern California, and there is not enough supply available to meet the normal demands in these areas for the remainder of the year,” Hagekhalil said. 

The MWD board voted unanimously to adopt the emergency measures to “reduce non-essential water use” in certain areas. Cities and smaller water suppliers that get water from the MWD are required to start restricting outdoor watering to one day a week, or to find other ways to cut usage to a new monthly allocation limit.

Any water suppliers that fail to comply could face large fines from the MWD for exceeding their monthly allocations.

The State Water Project delivers water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to farmlands and cities to the south. The project includes canals, pipelines, reservoirs and pumping facilities, which transport water to approximately 27 million Californians.

After a record dry start to 2022, California water officials slashed the project’s expected deliveries this year to just 5% of full allocations.

Reminder. There’s a 1200 year drought on, folks.

One Response to “Still April, and Water “Emergency” in LA”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    How clueless are those Calabasas homeowners to think that being restricted to watering once a week means their yards will be brown? Do they have some stupid HOA requirement to grow thirsty plants?

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