Walmart Inks Deal for Green Hydrogen

April 20, 2022

Rochester Times Union:

Plug Power will now supply Walmart machinery with green hydrogen power. 

The Latham manufacturer reached a long-term agreement with the multinational retailer to provide it up to 20 tons of liquid green hydrogen per day that will be used to power material handling trucks, such as forklifts, across its U.S. distribution centers

The deal is one of Plug Power’s first green hydrogen supply contracts. A Plug Power spokesperson said it is the “biggest green hydrogen deal to date in North America,” without disclosing how much the company would profit from it in an email to the Times Union.

It will deliver the clean energy source using its fleet of liquid transporters that it gained from acquiring Applied Cryo Technologies.

Plug Power produces green hydrogen through water electrolysis – using electric currents to catalyze chemical reactions – with electricity from zero-carbon sources. 

Walmart first started working with Plug Power in 2012 when it launched a pilot program. The superstore’s green fleet has increased to include 9,500 machines since then and is growing as it continues taking strides to decarbonize its operations.

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