Scientists on Climate Extremes and Infrastructure

April 16, 2022

I recently presented to an audience of small town and rural officials in Northern Michigan, who are more and more finding themselves on the front lines of climate adaptation – as heavy rains increase in the upper midwest, and “weather whiplash” stresses infrastructure beyond the breaking point.
While not all conservative small town and rural folk are completely in agreement with me on climate, they do get it, overwhelmingly, that climate is changing, and it’s affecting their communities in damaging and expensive ways. They just don’t always go along with the “human caused” part.

OK, so let’s work with that.
Above, I chose a selection of recent interview clips of scientists emphasizing what the majority now believe and are actually observing – weather extremes are increasing and the are damaging infrastructure, homes and the built environment. And, as local officials know, it makes the potholes even worse.
Once we’re all in agreement on this, we can begin to talk about the infrastructure hardening that needs to be done, about the funding that is coming thru recently passed Biden Administration legislation, and the best practices for making use of those funds.
We can also talk about the potential benefits for community funding and increased resilience. For instance, we can project that future grid modifications will make “microgrids” for critical facilities, and even small communities, easier – especially for those communities that are already generating wind or solar energy locally.

Below, Jeff Berardelli on Middle America’s climate challenge – Weather Whiplash.

One Response to “Scientists on Climate Extremes and Infrastructure”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    We can’t waste time worrying about climate change and infrastructure when we have to worry about ImmIGRAntS or CRiTiCisM of wHiTE pEOpLE!

    Jeez Louise can you imagine a red state governor or legislature wasting time on the true needs of their citizens when they have bogus, scary talking points to push?

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