What Was your First Clue this “Billion Dollar CEO” Might be a Solar Scam Artist?

April 14, 2022


Really painful and disgusting local news report from Fox 2 in Detroit.
I get ads for this company popping up on YouTube all the time. Looks like a lot of people are being taken in.
Slick salesmen know how to push the “getting off the grid” and “saving the planet” buttons, as well as the “there’s government subsidies in it for you” line.
But wait till you see the fine print in the contracts here.

One unwary homeowner was given a solar array installed on a north-facing roof.
One clue that might have alerted folks that the “Billion Dollar Solar CEO” they were dealing with was a scam artist, below.

6 Responses to “What Was your First Clue this “Billion Dollar CEO” Might be a Solar Scam Artist?”

  1. talies Says:

    Every state in US bar Alaska is better for solar than UK, and I’ve got it here in UK. Well worth it, with reputable company!

  2. jimbills Says:

    There’s a home near me where the solar panels are all pitched at 45 degrees and are north facing. They even recently removed them all to repair some other issue with the roof, and then afterwards they put the panels in the exact same place as before. They have a perfect spot on the opposite side of their home that currently has no panels.

    I can’t figure out if the installer is a complete incompetent or the homeowner insisted on the panels being put on the wrong side. Both?

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      You definitely need to take and post a picture of that (annotated with which direction north is).

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    One unwary homeowner was given a solar array installed on a north-facing roof.

    You think that this guy was bad, just think about all of the people with north-facing solar in Australia!

  4. Daniel Berger Says:

    Hmm. We had Power Home Solar install a small solar project three years ago. They wouldn’t increase the size because they were basing the project on our previous year’s electric bills, which were small. Unfortunately, that same year we installed heat pumps and a car charger. Our electric bill is about the same as it was before installation — which means our gross electrical usage about doubled.

    Installation went pretty well; the panels are south-facing on our low-pitch garage roof. There’s some shade from the rest of the house before about 10 AM, but otherwise they produce OK. We have a high roof, but the shingles are 25 years old so we nixed installation there.

  5. Joe DeFors Says:

    here is that vid of the scam solar company.


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