Barack Obama’s Netflix Nature Series Looks Like a Winner

April 14, 2022

I’m going to watch just to hear that voice again. The man might have a future in this.

Laura Manske in Forbes:

Get set to get inspired by Netflix’s breathtakingly beautiful new five-part series, Our Great National Parkspremiering April 13th. This stellar documentary is narrated and executive produced by Barack Obama, who has protected more public lands and water than any other U.S. president. If you’ve been longing to savor travel sights and sounds in exceptional wild yonder (particularly after two years of pandemic lockdown), then view this inviting unveiling of ravishingly varied landscapes, seascapes, and surprising animal escapades. Its cinematography wows with grand sweeps of secluded terrain and astonishingly intimate close-ups of colorful creatures. “A fish that can walk. Surfing hippos that want to catch the waves. Species found nowhere else on earth,” says Obama in his soothingly optimistic voice. “Join me in the celebration of our planet’s greatest national parks and wildernesses…. A journey through the natural wonders of our shared birthright.” 

One Response to “Barack Obama’s Netflix Nature Series Looks Like a Winner”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I’m conflicted. These days programs about wildlife and habitats only remind me of what we have to lose. 😦

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