“Scientist’s Rebellion” Targets Shell in UK

April 7, 2022



Meanwhile, experts from around the globe have been taking part in what they called the ‘world’s largest ever scientist-led civil disobedience campaign’.

A number of them in the UK used modified fire extinguishers to spray biodegradable fake oil on a Shell building, where they also plastered scientific papers on the walls.

The scientists are calling for a ‘climate revolution now’ and say ‘1.5°C is dead’, in reference to the target for global warming, which the IPCC warned is almost out of reach.

One of those taking part, Cat Acheson, a social scientist and PhD researcher, said: ‘I’m here today taking non-violent direct action against Shell, because the continued use and expansion of fossil fuels is endangering all life on our planet.

‘I am terrified of the global suffering that companies like Shell are causing, and the lack of action from our government to put a stop to the harm.’

The global action, scheduled to run between April 4 and 9, is set to see hundreds of ‘Scientist Rebellion’ activists take ‘disruptive actions targeting scientific and governmental institutions’ in more than 25 countries, on every continent.

Below, video from scientist’s protests in San Francisco following the election of Donald Trump in the US.

Below, Peter Kalmus was part of a similar action in LA.


2 Responses to ““Scientist’s Rebellion” Targets Shell in UK”

  1. indy222 Says:

    Very good. It’s about time. They’ve been too meek in enduring the mild-i-ifying torturing of their scientific papers as rendered in official rose-water’d IPCC statements for 32 years. I’m glad they’re growing a backbone.

  2. mboli Says:

    The news media seem to have paid as much attention as they usually pay to working scientists.

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