“Simply Put, They are Lying” – IPCC Calls out Government and Business Inaction on Climate

April 6, 2022

Above, BBC report summarizes the most recent IPCC release.
Path forward is daunting. Solutions exist, but can they be deployed in time? The Paris goal of 1.5 degree C warming is rapidly slipping out of reach.

Below, graph shows the difference between a global warming of 1.5 and 2 degrees C.
Turns out, its a lot.


7 Responses to ““Simply Put, They are Lying” – IPCC Calls out Government and Business Inaction on Climate”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Last night’s CBS News gave me a sad chuckle, simply for it’s complete inadequacy on talking about climate change. In the middle of the program, Norah O’Donnell spent less than a minute saying the world had three years to address climate change or face catastrophic effects, and then immediately went into this:

    That bit ended with the reporter not even being able to taste the product. The untested prototype that ‘might’ address a tiny fraction of carbon emissions got the focus for the evening – not the fact that we have to change everything in three years or blow past 1.5 and face global temperatures without precedent in human history.

    It’s more than clear the U.S. has no collective will to seriously address climate change at this time, and due to our political system, that means no will for perhaps a decade, as the GOP is likely to capture at least one body in Congress in a few months.


    The world isn’t going to make 1.5. I understand why the IPCC is urging us that we can, but it IS going to fly past us, despite the stories we tell ourselves, and then we’re going to start saying the same thing about 2 degrees in short order.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Hard to give up the cash-cow….even if it is damaging so many lives.

    “Canada approves N.L.’s Bay du Nord deepwater oil project.”

    “So called ‘green’ or ‘clean’ oil is a figment of the imagination: it simply does not exist. Oil is oil: it will have impacts however way it is produced and wherever it is burned.”


  3. neilrieck Says:

    I do not understand why news presenters claim we only have three years to act. At COP26 in Glasgow this past November the world was told “CO2 emissions need to stop increasing NOW”

    • jimbills Says:

      Technically, it’s the IPCC saying it:

      But, it’s also the press reading that and grasping the takeaway from it as “Phew! We still have three years left! We can do it! Now, let’s report on some weak technology that can’t be tested yet!”

      • J4Zonian Says:

        Yes, it’s politicians, the media, the public, even many scientists, trying to interpret the numbers in whatever way makes it seem as if there is no problem, to relieve themselves of guilt & the responsibility to change.

        And behind them all, corporate oligarchs are lying, manipulating, destroying everything they can out of rage & hatred.

        Without the reporters stopping & talking about what that 3 years means in terms of how things will change for everyone, each person, politician, reporter…is free to seize on whatever aspect or number can be made to seem harmless. Only 29% difference in damage to reefs between 1.5°, which we lost any chance of staying under 1.5 decades ago, and 2°, which we have almost no chance of staying under even if we do 2x the most we can do, which there’s no chance of?

        8 vs 16% of plants? Who cares? 18% of insects, which most people hate & are disgusted by? Good! 37% of people we can easily convince ourselves are brown people we care about even less than we care about liberals? Or insects? “Extreme heat” to someone in Seattle means 80°—once every 5 years? RUKM? Who even remembers what the temperature was on a particular day that far back?

        Who cares about any of that? These are not worrying numbers. To the ignorant 97% of people in the US (99.8% if you’re talking about ecologically ignorant) these are comforting numbers: “They” keep saying it’s going to be bad. This ain’t bad, this is less bad than having to wait in line for coffee an extra 8 minutes in the morning.

        Everything a lot of the country knows, is, & wants, leads them to the certainty that there’s no problem here, & everything they learn either fits into that (rare, since none of it actually does), is made to fit with some Procrustean knife work, or is ignored & instantly forgotten.

        1.5 dozen lines of defense stand between reality & awareness, & breaching even 1 is rare. What are the chances of breaking down all of them through any of the means even most of the aware people will consider?


        • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

          Economic “growth” isn’t necessarily population or resource consumption growth. Increased efficiency or smart technology, for instance, can bring economic growth.

          A-frame houses, for example, use less material than their predecessors. Anything that defers corrosion or wear reduces consumption for maintenance. Monitors on irrigaters reduce water waste. Commercial yard maintenance services reduce the amount of tools duplicated in garages (it used to be that suburban home had their own lawn mower).

          Some private profit, of course, thrives on waste of resources. We think of auto makers being the ones who fought CAFE standards, but oil companies lobbied for gas guzzlers. We need to kill off the fashion industry, which tells people they can’t wear certain styles of clothes for more than one season.

          There’s a lot of room for economic growth without increasing population or consumption of resources.

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