Charging Stations a Bottleneck for EV Adoption

April 4, 2022

Report from San Diego station KGTV on the challenges of getting enough EV charging stations on line to handle the expected ramp of EV adoption.

3 Responses to “Charging Stations a Bottleneck for EV Adoption”

  1. teacherjohnj Says:

    That’s okay.
    I’ll do as I have with the gas stations and wave as I pedal on by!

  2. mboli Says:


    I drive a plug-in hybrid, so finding a plug is a convenience rather than a necessity. But of course whenever I drive farther than electric range I look for charging stations. They can be hard to find.

    Also when you find one, on plugshare or chargepoint maps, there is a significant possibility it won’t be of use. It might be broken. It seems to me that chargers in public parking garages can stay broken for seemingly forever. It might be available only to customers of a hotel or store or employees of a business. One that would be very convenient for me is in a parking garage where I get no cell phone signal, so I can’t use it.

    Then there is the compatibility problem. I need a J-plug, but chargers may be Chadmo or Tesla or whatever. Indiana toll road, which I use frequently, announced they would install banks of chargers in all the oases! But the then installed all Tesla. I give them credit for that, long distances EV drivers are using these stations. But not useful for a large fraction of EV drivers.

    Most often, however, I don’t encounter the above problems because there are NO chargers on the maps. Period.

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