Urban Organics with the PaperPot Planter

March 31, 2022

I’ve been taking a slow week as I’m visiting with my son in Ozark, Missouri. Brendan is co-manager, with his partner Liesel McCleary, of Finley Farms, an organic farm in a (small town) urban setting.

What’s amazing about the current generation of small-footprint farms is the emphasis on high output on low acreage, using simple, but very elegant tools.

4 Responses to “Urban Organics with the PaperPot Planter”

  1. What a nice respite – so relaxing to watch (with mouth agape) from my vantage point of Ecuador, where farmers in this area still transplant rice by hand as they wade the fields.

  2. teacherjohnj Says:

    This is the kind of thing that excites me because it gives us agency over our own micro-climate, habitat, and circumstances. I’m getting my own hands dirty while growing food that will be healthier for my family and the planet, or at least, my own little corner of it. Let’s let soil organisms sequester that excess carbon from the atmosphere while we give up the use of fossil fuels from trips to the plastic-wrapped, obesogenic, food-stuff purveyors at the stupor market!
    Every garden we plant means less clout for Cargill, the Kochs, or the Monsantos to ride roughshod over our lives and our children!

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Automation to ease labor without fossil fuels.

    I still have two questions:
    – How much back-breaking manual labor is still needed for harvest?

    – Why, after all of the thoughtful grid spacing of the planting, are they watering with an ad-hoc-looking variable radial spinner?

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