Europe, US Discuss Heat Pumps for Liberty

March 24, 2022

The link between clean energy, energy efficiency, and democracy has always been clear to those who follow the issue closely. Tragic that it has taken the direst of circumstances for that appreciation to reach urgent policy level.


Other countries are planning to increase their natural gas exports to Europe as well; Kerry met with Israel’s IEA delegation and said that country stepping up their gas production could account for about 10% of what Russia currently supplies to Europe

But the US climate envoy said non-fossil fuel options — like electric heat pumps — have also been part of the conversation. Heat pumps are energy-efficient heating systems that can replace natural gas furnaces. 

“There’s a lot of discussion going on right now about heat pumps specifically and about other things that we can do to assist Europe to minimize the impact of the loss of Russian gas and oil,”(President Joe Biden’s Special Envoy for Climate John) Kerry said. “Not all these plans have been carved in stone at this point. I think heat pumps are a very real alternative to the burning of fuel that takes place today.”

Kerry said he thinks it makes the most sense for Europe to manufacture their own heat pumps, and for the US to jump in and manufacture more if the demand grows. 

“Europe makes terrific heat pumps,” Kerry said. “I would imagine the Europeans are hot to trot in their own market here; I don’t think they’re sitting around waiting for the US to necessarily do it. But where it might be necessary — yes, it makes sense for other markets to contribute the products where the demand exists.” 

Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico recently told CNN he’s been having discussions with top economic officials in the White House about increasing the US production of heat pumps to send to Europe. 

Heinrich said he met with National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and White House American Rescue Plan coordinator Gene Sperling last week and pushed the idea of ramping up heat pump production. 

“There’s certainly a lot of interest,” Heinrich told CNN of the meeting, adding Sperling and Deese “are both very aware of what we’re pushing, and seem receptive.”

2 Responses to “Europe, US Discuss Heat Pumps for Liberty”

  1. greenman3610 Says:

    Russia’s aspirations as a European energy hegemon stand to benefit not just from seizing gas pipeline rights of way, but Ukrainian renewable enegy resources and offshore oil and gas reserves.

    The Dnieper and its tributaries generate about 10 gigawatts of hydropower, and the river cools the latgest nuclear power plant in Europe

    submitted by Russell Seitz

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I still think the limiting factor for a large transition to heat pumps is installation technicians, and to a further extent the actual up-front cost of a new heat pump.

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