Security and Sustainability Come Together: Former Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney

March 21, 2022

Excellent, succinct and well informed explanation of the post-Russia/Ukraine energy transition.

Assuming we’re all, like, still here.

Mark Carney, Former Governor, Bank of England, on the energy transition:

“American sun, American Wind, American hydro, American nuclear, American Storage, American Storage technology, and North American energy that can provide energy security to this country, to this continent .. that mixture of low cost, low carbon and competitive energy, that’s what gives you energy security.

So we’re going to see an acceleration of the energy transition as a consequence of this. 

On the current energy crunch:

“If you saw the fall-off in US drilling, 2014, 2015, that came as on the heels of an over expansion too much capital pouring into shale oil, shale gas,  and an expansion in Saudi ..particularly crude production, so let’s not forget what happened in the capital discipline that came into the oil and gas industry after that, that’s the big story in terms of US energy production the latter half of the last decade.”

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