In US, UK, Support for Green Path to Counter Russia’s Gas Weapon

March 10, 2022

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Washington, DC, March 8, 2022 – The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll on the security crisis in Ukraine shows Americans would like political leaders to provide a united front supporting Ukraine, ahead of domestic political rivalries (80%). The survey also shows three in five Americans (63%) continue to be willing to pay more for gasoline to continue to support a democratic country, including a large majority (80%) who support stopping oil and gas purchases from Russia.

Among those who say they are willing to pay more for gasoline, a quarter say they would be willing to pay as much as it takes to continue to support another democratic country, 11% would be willing to pay more than $2 a gallon more than they are currently, and 32% are willing to pay between $1 and $2 more per gallon. Seventy-four percent of Americans say the United States should take in refugees from the current conflict, and 65% of those say they support immediate entry into the United States and providing housing upon arrival.

More than two in five Americans approve of how President Joe Biden is handling Ukraine (45%), and 40% approve of how he is handling Russia. A similar number approve of how he is handling U.S. foreign policy (40%) and the U.S. economy (40%), but just 29% of Americans approve of how he is handling fuel and gas prices. These numbers are statistically unchanged from last week.

From Steve Akehurst on Twitter:

Who is winning the argument on energy independence with the British public? Right now, it’s the green side of the debate – by quite a margin. A clear mandate for an expanded focus on renewables. New polling by

@OpiniumResearch for @ECIU_UK today.

Also: a majority of the public willing to bear some cost if it helps undermine Putin’s war effort – the average being about £15. Of course hard to predict how things shift were it to happen, but still interesting.

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