Big Yuks at Anti Clean Energy Rally

March 3, 2022

Montcalm County, Michigan is the site of a wind farm proposed by Apex Clean Energy.
The project has, like so many others, become controversial, drawing the attention of fossil fuel lobbyists from hundreds of miles away, who apply a time-tested template for spreading misinformation and fear thru social media.
Sound familiar?

On February 5, leaders in the anti-clean energy faction put on a “Big Wind Go Home” rally, with about 100 in attendance, a band, clowns, and a comedian. (see above). Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley was a speaker. (Mr Kelly recently encouraged his followers to unplug voting machines at polling places if they “suspect something suspicious is occurring”.)

Many in the community see the project as a potential gain, and point out that in nearby counties, such projects have helped fund hard pressed schools, and services like Fire Rescue and Sheriff patrols, while the much-touted negatives have not played out.
Apex, for instance, has a project in Isabella County, about a half hour drive to the north, where I have spoken to local officials since the turbines came in.

In Beal City, squarely situated in the heart of the development, School Superintendent Bill Chilman told me how school millage has doubled since a new wind development came into service in the last year, and noted that young people in the community think the controversy is “crazy”.

Meanwhile, Zillow shows that home values in the area have jumped in the same period.

For a look at the intimidation tactics deployed against clean energy and local decision makers. and a clue as to where those efforts originate, see below.

Now, as solar energy has become more competitive and is being rolled out across the midwest, the anti-wind template has been modified and aimed at solar projects, with the same players involved.

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  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    “and a comedian. (see above)”

    Do I have to?

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