Follow the Oil – Supercut of Climate Denier Tucker Carlson “Rooting for Russia”

February 25, 2022

“I think we should probably take the side of Russia, if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine. That is my view.” – Tucker Carlson

You can’t say it’s racist, which is normally the case. Ukrainians are overwhelmingly white and Christian.

It’s always the oil. Follow the oil.


Eighty years ago, when a dictator rose to power in Europe and invaded his neighbors, he found an ally in the United States. The dictator was Adolf Hitler, and his ally was Charles Coughlin, a popular radio host. Coughlin belittled democracy, defended the Nazis, and opposed America’s entry into the war, arguing that the movement to enlist the United States was a conspiracy on behalf of a sinister minority: Jews.

Today, a new demagogue has taken up Coughlin’s mantle: Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Like Coughlin, Carlson has spewed venom for years. And, like Coughlin, he has gradually made his treachery, nihilism, and bigotry unmistakable. If anyone still thought there was an innocent explanation for his behavior, Carlson’s latest monologue, delivered on Tuesday night, rendered such generosity indefensible.

To begin with, Carlson mocked the idea that rolling tanks into another country was wrong. In the view of liberals, he joked, “Invading America is called ‘equity’”—apparently he was referring to illegal immigration—but “invading Ukraine is a war crime.” He delivered this line with scornful incredulity, ignoring the fact that Russia’s invasions of Ukraine—this is the second one in eight years—are indeed acts of war and violations of international law.

Carlson downplayed the putative moral differences between Russia, Ukraine, Canada, and the United States. He asked why Americans should side with Ukraine against Russia, since Ukraine was “not a democracy.” (Actually, on the Freedom House democracy scale, Ukraine gets a rating of 39 out of 100. Russia gets less than seven.) Carlson also ridiculed the notion that “dastardly old Vladimir Putin” is “much worse than Justin Trudeau,” the prime minister of Canada, who—according to Carlson’s absurd lie—has imposed “martial law” and reduced Canada to a “failed democrac[y].” Turning to his own country, Carlson denounced America’s current leaders, saying they “don’t care at all” about our country’s stated principles.

In his monologue and in a follow-up interview with former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Carlson promoted the slander—often featured in Russian state propaganda—that when American politicians talk about defending freedom or democracy, they’re really just serving their own commercial interests. He offered two explanations for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine: corrupt financial ties between Ukraine and President Joe Biden and a secret plot to drive up energy prices. “Maybe expensive energy would be good for the many renewable deals their friends and donors are invested in,” he speculated—the “they” referring to Biden and other Democrats. In the interview with Gabbard, Carlson nodded along—“Right,” he interjected—as Gabbard accused the American “power elite” of betraying both “the American people” and “the Russian people.”

Western governments hope to deter Putin’s aggression by threatening him with economic and—if he invades NATO countries—military consequences. Carlson is doing the opposite: He’s trying to deter American economic or military intervention by warning Americans that Russia would punish them. Putin “will respond” if America gets in his way, said Gabbard, “and it’s likely he’ll retaliate using cyber-attacks on our financial systems, our communication systems, on our basic infrastructure.” As she outlined these perils, Carlson chimed in: “Exactly.”

On Tuesday afternoon, to prepare Americans for the confrontation with Putin, Biden cautioned the public that “defending freedom will have costs for us” and he asked the country to brace for some economic pain, including higher gas prices. Hours later, on his show, Carlson directly undercut that message. He urged Americans to turn against their government, on the grounds that higher costs for them, in exchange for a pointless stand against Putin, is a “terrible deal for you.”

Carlson doesn’t just oppose military intervention or aid to stop the Russian invasion. (No one is proposing U.S. troop deployments inside Ukraine anyway.) He also opposes the most plausible nonviolent alternative: economic sanctions. In his monologue, delivered hours after Germany halted approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, he asked “why you would ever want to shut down any energy pipeline anywhere, ever,” since this would raise costs for Americans. He also condemned the Biden administration for “picking a fight with Europe’s biggest gas supplier” (that would be Russia). Later, when Gabbard complained that sanctions against Russia would just “increase suffering and hardship for the American people,” Carlson agreed.

Carlson isn’t just anti-American. He’s also anti-British. On Tuesday, after insulting Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris—“a senile man and an imbecile,” he called them—he added that the villains in the Ukraine confrontation weren’t “just our country.” He congratulated Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for asking a prank question that, in Carlson’s view, made a fool of Elizabeth Truss, the United Kingdom’s foreign secretary. So perhaps Carlson isn’t anti-American or anti-British so much as pro-Russian.

Oh, and then there’s “values”.

Putin’s Christian values. Right. (see below)



14 Responses to “Follow the Oil – Supercut of Climate Denier Tucker Carlson “Rooting for Russia””

  1. […] Supercut of Climate Denier Tucker Carlson “Rooting for Russia” […]

  2. renewableguy Says:

    This does wrankle me that the Republicans have become milk toast in Putin’s hands.

  3. jimbills Says:

    Unfortunately, with Carlson, I don’t believe this is just about oil.

    He’s been obsessed with Viktor Orban of Hungary the past year or two, and Hungary isn’t an oil player. There are deep shades of ‘racial purity’. Christian dominance, and authoritarianism here. Carlson sees Putin in the same light – a ‘strong’ leader willing to enforce the right’s preferences on nationalism, religion, social issues, immigration, and cracking down on the left:

    Ukraine with Zelenskyy moved to a more democratic society with EU similarities on immigration and social issues – things Carlson instinctively hates.

    This is seriously depressing stuff – proto-fascism normalized on a major network. And it’s spreading to become the GOP’s position itself:

  4. cameronmelin Says:

    Deaths from weather-related events have declined dramatically in the past century. There is no climate emergency!

    • renewableguy Says:

      There are a lot of professional organizations that disagree with you. Insurance will be near impossible to get for sea shore homes in Florida coming down the road.

      • cameronmelin Says:

        It that were true, why do the insurance companies insure Obama and other rich people’s beach front properties?

        • renewableguy Says:

          Even if deniers don’t, Florida insurers recognize the cost of … › opinion › commentary
          Oct 16, 2020 — Even Florida’s deniers are being billed by insurance companies for the cost of climate change, notes Sun Sentinel columnist Fred Grimm.

          This is just the beginning.

          • cameronmelin Says:

            Does that make Obama a denier? I guess that would explain why he never pushed bicycles as a solution to the supposed problem. Like most people, he can’t be bothered because he’s not nearly as worried about CO2 as he claims. When I believed in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change, I rode a bicycle year-round.

            Do you deny the reality of natural climate change? Would you be happier if the glaciers were advancing?

          • renewableguy Says:

            You have a lot of pre conceived notions about the world and me that are quite inaccurate. Your tests to see how the world fits into your boxes isn’t how I wan’t to approach this.

            I’m glad you were an avid bike rider. That’s really cool. I drive an electric car and installed solar panels our roof back in the late ninties. I don’t know wwhat your anger issues are. People aren’t by any means perfect no matter what side of the argument you are on.

            Obama came out of my state of Illinois and had a 95% green track record on legislation. Although we are all flawed, he has been exemplarary in promoting clean energy. Politics being limiting he took this as far as he could.

          • cameronmelin Says:

            Driving an electric car is an inferior solution to the perceived problem. If it were really important, you wouldn’t need a fast, comfortable car with cup hold and touch screen. They require plenty of resources and speak to your unwillingness to take action that doesn’t require tax dollars from people who are skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change. “Renewables” require exotic elements and huge mining operations. You’re had decades to ride a bicycle but you insist that governments force people to pay more taxes so that we can replace every piece electricity generation equipment and every automobile in the world instead of promoting cycling for the past thirty years.

            I’m from Canada’s energy capital (like Huston). Calgary has been recognized as the cleanest city in the world and claims to have the most exstensive bicycle path in North America. I don’t care what any “report card” says about so-called “clean energy”. Petroleum is the key factor that has increased the standard of living for people around the world.

          • renewableguy Says:

            Lets start with co2 is a green house gas and it is the major cause of warming on earth. Humans did the whole thing and nothing else. We can’t get beyond this, then this conversation needs to end. This is the whole crux of the matter. Lost in your layers of self deceit probably can’t be penetrated, then so be it.

          • cameronmelin Says:

            I rode my bicycle through the bitter, freezing cold and under the hot blazing sun but you are going to end the conversation when I don’t buy into your favorite flavor of environmentalism. That is dogmatic. You are a virtue-signaling with your energy-intensive electric car. My Brazilian wife has biked over snow an ice, but you and most other people can’t be bothered because you are not as worried as I was 20 years ago.

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