Life in Hell. Updating Ukraine Crisis

February 24, 2022

Your regular reminder of a key reason we are here:


2 Responses to “Life in Hell. Updating Ukraine Crisis”

  1. Indeed. When the GOP profits from the anti-democracy activities of Russia, when Putin uses information warfare to aid Trump’s election in 2016, when Trump trashes NATO in Helsinki and degrades the alliance throughout his term, when Putin fans the Big Lie that black people voted twice and helps to foment the Jan 6 coup attempt, and when Fox News, as the GOP’s mouthpiece praises Putin as he begins to attack democracy in Ukraine, this is the result you get. With the GOP as a failed party, as a tool of autocracy, the US now lacks the level of deterrence power to autocrats like Putin it once possessed. Putin looks to the US and sees a nation divided by the GOP who panders to racists, anti-science hacks, and spouts Pravda-like propaganda out of its media outlets in its mad effort to grab power. Putin sees himself reflected. Putin knows he can seek aid and comfort from the likes of Tucker Carlson and Trump even as Biden and the Democrats move to counter him. He sees our hand as weakened. So he is unleashed by GOP to wreck havoc on the democracies of Europe.

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