Climate Deniers Waste no Time Supporting Putin

February 24, 2022

Climate denier Marc Morano wasted no time trashing international sanctions against the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Obviously auditioning to have his own closed captioned spots on Russian State TV, (see below) Mr Morano, well known as a high profile fossil fuel industry operative, appeared on Putin’s favorite channel, Fox News, to warn that the greatest threat to national security was not Russian violence, murder, or nukes, but clean energy.

His host, Mr Tucker Carlson, has already made himself a household name in Putin’s Russia, including a starring turn praising Putin and trashing America, the very night before Russian tanks rolled into the largest democratic country in Europe.

Suspect this video will be the defining moment of Tucker Carlson’s career, and perhaps history’s most memorable token of Fox New’s attack on democracy, truth, and the future generations.

Below, Antonia Juhasz on Twitter, maps out the Petroleum Industry’s history of supporting Putin.

The U.S. oil industry is lobbying for the Biden to go soft on Russian sanctions despite Ukraine invasion. “Sanctions should be as targeted as possible in order to limit potential harm” to U.S. companies, said the American Petroleum Institute. 

Recall, between 2011 – 2013, then Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson signed cooperation agreements for 10 joint ventures with Russia’s Rosneft. As a result, Exxon’s Russian holdings mushroomed to become nearly five times larger than its second-largest holdings—those in the U.S. 

But in 2014, the Obama/Biden admin imposed oil sanctions against Russia after it invaded Crimea. The sanctions allowed some Exxon projects, but none of its Arctic or other offshore exploration, not only halting these operations but also making it impossible to book the reserves. 

Today, the oil industry is hoping the stop a repeat of those Obama Crimea-era energy sanctions, despite the fact that Russia’s reliance on its fossil fuel wealth has only grown in the intervening years, making sanctions potentially more potent. 

Below, Exxon’s Rex Tillerson with Vlad, in happier times.

UPDATE: Bonus clip

3 Responses to “Climate Deniers Waste no Time Supporting Putin”

  1. lerpo Says:

    “auditioning to have his own closed captioned spots on Russian State TV”

    I think he’s auditioning for president of the USA.

  2. jimbills Says:

    I have zero respect or regard for these guys, and I’ll be the first to saw we’re on a downward trajectory, but wow, this stuff is DARK.

    These are people who claim to be protecting freedoms in America and in practically the same breath hero worship Viktor Orban and Putin:

    They’re showing their true colors. What’s really depressing is how many Americans listen to these people and become convinced they’re right:

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