PBS: Madagascar in Climate Crosshairs

February 23, 2022

NASA Earth Observatory:

For the fifth time in six weeks, heavy rain and destructive wind are blowing into Madagascar from the Indian Ocean. Tropical Cyclone Emnati is expected to make landfall along the eastern coast between the cities of Mananjary and Manakara late on February 22, 2022.

In January 2022, a series of torrential tropical rainstorms was followed by tropical depression and storm Ana. February brought Cyclones Batsirai and Dumako. Now Cyclone Emnati is headed for landfall in the same region where Batsirai flooded and displaced thousands of people.

One Response to “PBS: Madagascar in Climate Crosshairs”

  1. Keith McClary Says:

    Climate change not the main driver of Madagascar food crisis, scientists find (Dec. 2021)

    This article is only concerned with drought.

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