Ukraine Impacts Will Include Fuel Price Hit

February 21, 2022

Elissa Slotkin represents Michigan’s 8th District in the US House of Representatives. She is a former CIA analyst and Defense Department official.

Elissa Slotkin on Twitter:

We’ve been watching this thing in slow motion for months now. The Administration declassified unprecedented amounts of intel to try to prevent Putin from taking this course of action. But this man has a deeply distorted view of the world. 

Now, the Ukrainian people, and ultimately the world economy, will suffer the consequences of his vanity and ruthlessness.  

The most immediate impact for the average American? The price of gas is about to spike, which is a tough blow on top of a year of terribly high prices. 

The economic consequences for Putin should therefore be steep, and not just for him or the Russian economy, but for the oligarchs, their wives and mistresses, and their assets that they shelter abroad. 

The response from our allies must be just as strong. For the Germans, it means stopping Nord Stream 2 dead in its tracks. The chickens have come home to roost when it comes to Germany’s dependence on Russian gas & they must not let it compromise a European response to Putin. 

Those who protect Putin shouldn’t be shielded from the consequences of his actions. That includes any assets they have in the U.S. For the British, it means ending the flow of illegal Russian cash that has flooded London for decades. 

And make no mistake, China is watching every move the US and our allies make right now, gauging our will to respond. There must be no uncertainty over our resolve. 

When one nation tries to impose their will on another, every would-be autocrat watches to see whether the international community still has the mettle to respond. 

Americans will not be immune from the economic consequences of Putin’s violence — we’ll see the effects in the coming days and weeks. What happens overseas has real-world impact back home. We must be prepared. 

I underlined the danger of media normalization of Russian asymmetrical warfare and aggression in a call to the Diane Rheam show shortly after the 2016 election.

3 Responses to “Ukraine Impacts Will Include Fuel Price Hit”

  1. Keith McClary Says:

    “For the British, it means ending the flow of illegal Russian cash that has flooded London for decades.”

    Russia will be happy if they stop this tax evasion and looting of Russian assets.

  2. jimbills Says:

    Harvard economist and former Obama adviser says Russia is ‘basically a big gas station’ and is otherwise ‘incredibly unimportant’ in the global economy

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      They also buy international favors with their wheat. Those years with big wheat crop failures put stress on Middle Eastern countries when they cut their public bread subsidies.

      Climate change is going after that, too.

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