Super Bowl Souped up with EV Ads

February 14, 2022

My favorite was GM’s “Dr. Evil” piece.

Second was Polestar, which is a Volvo spinoff ( I did not know that) with a minimalist piece promising “No Greenwashing” and “no Blah, Blah, Blah”. Nice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek playing herself ( a Goddess).

3 Responses to “Super Bowl Souped up with EV Ads”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Supply is a problem. I just got a new Leaf in January (the shorter range version since I charge at home). The one I was slated to get was sold that morning, so they had to bring one in to Austin from Houston. Got stuck with tinted windows.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    After years of being stuck under 2% the US EV market share has suddenly surged to 10% in a year, a phenomenal leap. Whether it will drop back, stay there or keep rising is unknown, but it’s following Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and the rest of northern Europe (then southern Europe). And now because I want to and can, I’m going to say again that
    Norway’s EV market share is an astounding 90%

    because for years it faithfully followed government policies to encourage EVs. The other countries following Norway have been accomplishing the same things in less time—sometimes half the time.

    It’s quite a feeling to have something happen that you’ve pushed for for decades, knowing all along it’s the wrong thing, or at least not quite the right thing. We need an agency that will put up brilliant Super Bowl ads for a national state of the art high speed rail network, hooked into superb transit systems covering the whole US. Rail is so much more efficient than private vehicles we have to emphasize it.

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