Pushing Back on Big Fossil’s InfoWar Against Clean Energy

February 12, 2022

Above, great turnout of almost 70 folks, many of them local officials, at my Thursday night meeting in Monroe County, Michigan. I was there to push back on a fossil fuel organized anti-clean energy campaign that looks an awful lot like the anti-vax crazies that we’ve seen so often – and the arguments are mostly on the same level as “vaccines will make you magnetic” and “Bill Gates wants to put a microchip in you”.

Poorly appreciated at the political level, and definitely not understood by the media, who think this is some kind of honest disagreement among well meaning people. The anti-clean energy movement is organized and fomented by fossil fuel “think tanks” with right wing agendas, and no fidelity to truth or fact. The techniques and tactics are familiar to those who have followed the climate denial industry’s work over the years, and in fact, it’s often the same individuals involved.

Below, TV report from Cedar Rapids IA station KCRG on the pitfalls of “doing your own research” in a minefield of bad faith actors.

I played the video above to the group the other night, and then showed them a video that I had produced profiling very similar activity going on right their local area.

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