Don’t Look Up Nominated Best Picture, 3 Other Oscars

February 8, 2022

Whether it actually is the best picture, it is likely to be the movie most remembered, millennia from now, as emblematic of this time period, long after the last Marvel Universe character leaves the stage.

if you haven’t seen it, you probably should.

The Conversation:

Every disaster movie seems to open with a scientist being ignored. “Don’t Look Up” is no exception – in fact, people ignoring or flat out denying scientific evidence is the point.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers who make a literally Earth-shattering discovery and then try to persuade the president to take action to save humanity. It’s a satire that explores how individuals, scientists, the media and politicians respond when faced with scientific facts that are uncomfortable, threatening and inconvenient.

The movie is an allegory for climate change, showing how those with the power to do something about global warming willfully avoid taking action and how those with vested interests can mislead the public. But it also reflects science denial more broadly, including what the world has been seeing with COVID-19.

Director Adam McKay’s proposed series of climate themed stories has been picked up for production – evidence that money talks, and the success of the film may open a floodgate of climate based storytelling, now that we can talk about it.
Although on second reading, it looks like the venue is something called Viaplay, which I’ve never heard of, and apparently plays in “Nordic and Baltic regions, Poland and the Netherlands”.


Hollywood Reporter:

U.S. independent studio wiip (Mare of Easttown, Dickinson) has struck a multi-market partnership with Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) that will bring a range of wiip productions to the latter’s Viaplay streaming service.

The first will be The Uninhabitable Earth, the climate change anthology seriesinspired by David Wallace-Wells’ book of the same name that Adam McKay(Succession) is executive producing for HBO Max. Along with other shows, it “will join the Viaplay Original pipeline … and will feature some of Hollywood’s biggest names,” the companies said.

Set to premiere on Viaplay in 2022, The Uninhabitable Earth will feature stand-alone stories covering a range of genres about possible futures that could result from the warming of the planet. The show is also executive produced by Kevin Messick (Succession), wiip’s Paul Lee (Dickinson) and Mark Roybal (Mare of Easttown), as well as Animal Kingdom’s David Kaplan (It Follows) and Andrea Roa (It Comes at Night). Wallace-Wells serves as a consulting producer.

Financial terms of the NENT-wiip deal weren’t disclosed.

“Our partnerships are among the streaming industry’s most innovative, and this agreement with wiip shows once again that we partner with the best,” said Filippa Wallestam, NENT chief content officer. |We can now offer even more world-class Viaplay Original storytelling to Viaplay viewers in multiple markets. NENT Group’s sustainability focus, which includes a commitment to become carbon net-zero no later than 2023, also makes wiip’s The Uninhabitable Earth an ideal first project together.”

Added wiip co-founder Matteo Perale: “We’re thrilled that our shows will be enjoyed by audiences throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, Poland and the Netherlands on Viaplay.”

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