Dear Spotify

February 6, 2022

Like my Yale Climate Connection colleague Jeff Masters, above, I found an alternative to Spotify last week. Turns out I can sub to Apple Music, get 6 months free, then pay the same monthly thereafter. Win , win.
And, like Jeff, when you cancel, make sure you tell them why.

3 Responses to “Dear Spotify”

  1. tildeb Says:

    Yes, a much more ethical music platform not willing to be blackmailed into censorship. Win win.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    Not only have I never used Spotify I never thought about it or had any idea what it was until this issue was publicized. Boycotts are great except when coal rollers are more organized and more likely to more than make up for the perps’ lost business. But the real difference between boycotts and simple living is that boycotts, even if successful, just punish outliers or scapegoats while leaving the rest of the field as is, free to continue to deteriorate with the world.

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