Coal Powered, Facebook Frenzied NIMBYs and the No Good, Horrible, Very Bad “Sounds” of Solar Energy

February 3, 2022

Years ago when the clean energy was mostly about wind turbines, I half-jokingly remarked, “Wait till solar energy really comes on strong, then you’ll be hearing about “noise” from solar panels.”

I say half-jokingly, because the anti-clean energy crowd is pretty much of the same cloth as the “vaccines will make me magnetic” crowd. If you haven’t been near a working solar panel, I can tell you that photons turning into electrons is a completely silent process. If you happen to be very close to an inverter that is part of the assembly, you might hear a mild hum, but not more than a few feet away.

Above, 1 minute vid from the University of Illiinois solar facility in Champaign, IL.

Below, anti-clean energy activist Kevon Martis is a self described “Senior Fellow” of the coal-funded “Think Tank” E&E Legal, famous for harassing, threatening, and attempting to bully climate scientists like Michael Mann, Malcolm Hughes, and Jonathan Overpeck.
He recently played a recording at a township board meeting in southern Michigan, that he alleged was the sound that one would hear living near a solar array, created by an inverter.

Draw your own conclusions.

More on Mr Martis, below.

Below, quintessential Martis Facebook post – shortly after crowds of AR-15 wielding nut jobs swarmed the Michigan State capitol, threatening cops and lawmakers, “Kmart” as we know him posted this.

“I would never do this” but “nice capitol you got there, be a shame is something happened to it”.

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