UK Wind Sets Record, Eases Pressure on Gas Shortage

January 31, 2022

Which is kind of a big deal, because Russia has dropped any pretense that they will try to use their dominant position in supplying European gas to throttle opposition to their aggression.
This whole crisis is stiffening resolve in Europe to decarbonize, and it will send shocks thru gas markets in the US by raising prices, likely permanently, and accelerating clean energy options here as well.

Yahoo Finance:

U.K. wind farms produced a record amount of energy on Saturday, helping to ease the country’s dependence on expensive fossil fuels in the short-term.

Wind generation rose as high as 18,431 megawatts, according to data from National Grid.

Higher wind speeds bring temporary relief to U.K. power prices. Surging natural gas prices are pushing up electricity costs which are feeding into bills for millions of households. Power for delivery on Saturday fell to 150.59 pounds ($201.81) per megawatt-hour, the lowest level since Jan. 3 on the N2EX exchange. The price for power on Sunday, when the wind is set to be lower, jumped to 193.57 pounds per megawatt-hour.

Wind power, in particular offshore, is the cornerstone of Britain’s net-zero plan, and it’s the second-biggest market in the world for the technology. The nation has plans to quadruple its capacity of wind farms at sea by the end this decade. Earlier this month Scotland awarded seabed rights for more than twice the size of the U.K.’s current capacity.

The high amount of generation Saturday wasn’t just due to strong winter winds, but also because of new offshore wind farms that started operating last year. As more projects come online, including the world’s largest offshore wind farm that’s being developed off the east coast of England, the country’s output will increase further.

One Response to “UK Wind Sets Record, Eases Pressure on Gas Shortage”

  1. This is cherry-picking at its finest. The dependence of “renewable” wind energy on natural gas is well known, and revealed more than ever with the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s gas monopoly in Eurasia. You just want to wish it away.

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