“If Everything is a Priority, Then Nothing is a Priority” – Chris Hayes on Point

January 22, 2022

4 Responses to ““If Everything is a Priority, Then Nothing is a Priority” – Chris Hayes on Point”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Well, the reason to tie climate to social programs was to get Manchin and a few others on board. The hope was to make something so obviously beneficial to the lower- and lower-middle economic groups that it would overcome resistance to the climate parts. Even as it was, though, Manchin wasted about half a year in false negotiations with BBB. He could do that again with an isolated climate bill.

    Plus, what’s likelier to happen is that the Democrats will prioritize items like the child tax credit, which has expired, and the votes from which the Democrats can’t afford to lose. Then, they’ll look to things that have widespread support like lowering prescription drug costs. It’s probable they’ll wait until late spring/summer to get serious about climate, and then the long stall game from Manchin will pop up and it’ll get pushed to mid-terms. Then, Biden as a lame duck will pretend to act on climate with executive orders like Obama did his last two years in office.

    The Democrats SHOULD put climate first – I’m just skeptical they will.

  2. painedumonde Says:

    It’s old thinking. Even if climate is prioritized, it all has to happen. Think of it this way, if climate affects everyone (it does) not one person can be left behind. There needs to a fundamental shift in the way we think, plan, and live.

    Unfortunately, if your paycheck is dependant on a certain status quo….

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      It’s old thinking. Even if climate is prioritized, it all has to happen.

      No, we’re well past a triage threshold. Do we require protection of every community or do we focus the federal bill on what only the federal government can do?

      Genuine needs like the social safety net can get some backstop from state and local governments and charities. Undoing the historic racial injustice of infrastructure siting can make necessary infrastructure improvements more unwieldy and expensive. If the materials can come more cheaply from China than from unionized US shops, we get them that way.

      Of course, the people who were screwed over before are more likely to get screwed over again, but any of those causes or projects that get in the way of mitigation and adaptation will have to be deferred.

  3. J4Zonian Says:

    Avoiding climate catastrophe will cost $20 trillion minimum over the next 9 years; most of it has to be spent up front, because it’s not making the deadline, it’s the area under the curve that matters. Of course we need to do a couple of other things too: secure voting rights for all; get money out of elections; make up for Republicans’ cheating, lying, and manipulating by expanding SCOTUS, getting statehood for DC and the territories; and the social things that are part of the climate plan—not mainly for political reasons but because we can’t solve the climate crisis as long as such vast inequality is accepted. In-kind payments like health care and education are the cheapest, fastest, least politically suicidal way to start the absolutely necessary wealth redistribution. Unfortunately, the chances of getting the full $20T deal are exactly the same as the chances of getting a worse-than-useless watered-down version of more assistance for fossil fuel corporations. Zero. As long as the right wing oligarchic duopoly rules the US there will be no climate action that makes any difference in our survival.

    I remember an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in which a woman changed into a man in front of the gang. It was important that they know that, but there was a spell that made them forget it every time it happened. Whenever they started to figure it out it would be a new experience and then they’d forget and have to start over again.

    It’s utterly bizarre to watch Biden n the bunch do what they do, over and over and over, proving who they are, and watch people be surprised every time. They think every one is a betrayal, which is like thinking a fungus is betraying you by growing under your toenail. It’s gotten to the point that Democrats are almost as delusional as Republicans. They prefer to believe climate catastrophe is not an emergency, that the ruling Democrats are progressives, and that it’s their incompetence that creates the conditions we live under rather than their evilness. And so they do believe those things, every single time, regardless of the facts.

    Progressives know what they want, they haven’t gotten it because the majority of people in the US prefer to remain caught in delusion by the oligarchic duopoly. Until we can bring them back to reality we won’t solve the twin crises of climate and fascism.

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