YouTube Suspends Climate Denier Bongino for Covid Disinformation

January 15, 2022

The same bad actors responsible for the most damaging misinformation across all platforms and subjects.

Nicholas Reimann in Forbes:

Right-wing commentator Dan Bongino’s popular YouTube channel has been suspended for violating the platform’s Covid disinformation policy, after Bongino falsely claimed in a video that masks are “useless” in preventing coronavirus spread.

A YouTube spokesperson told Forbes Bongino’s channel has also had its monetization suspended for “repeatedly violating our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines on harmful and dangerous acts.”

Bongino’s comments represented a first strike against his channel, according to YouTube—the platform’s policy states three strikes within a 90-day period will result in a permanent ban.

After news of the suspension broke, Bongino retweeted an image appearing to show him sending a YouTube representative a profanity-laced email, saying he will “immediately post content questioning why masks have been totally ineffective” when he returns, closing the message by saying “respectfully kiss my ass.”

Emily Atkin in Heated:

Bongino is a straight-up climate denier, and for the most part, is not particularly shy about it. “These climate change alarmists have been wrong about just about everything. All their charts have been debunked,” he said on Fox in 2019. “The climate’s been relatively stable. There’s not any evidence that storms are out of control. All this stuff is made up.”

But just like the fossil fuel industry, Bongino’s anti-climate policy talking points lately have moved further away from flagrant denial. Instead, they promote more insidious falsehoods— like that wind energy was a significant contributor to deadly blackouts in Texasfollowing February’s deep freeze, and that liberals were trying to cover it up.

Bongino delved into that subject specifically for a February episode of his podcast, which he began by strongly defending the quality of his own information regarding “What really happened with Texas and the energy system failures there.” “I never want to be first if I don’t have the facts,” he said. “I’m tired of the lies.”

Bongino went on to disparage “These filthy people on the left who can never ever tell the truth,” like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who he called a “sick little turd” for debunking Texas Republican officials’ prolific claims that wind energy was the culprit of Texas’s woes. Bongino did admit that natural gas and nuclear energy failed as well. But he said wind turbines had failed, too, and the only reason liberals were mad that Republicans were pointing it out was because they had to “protect their golden calf.” 

He said liberals were taking “advantage of an ongoing tragedy to score cheap political points,” and added: “The hacks at Facebook and soviet fact-checkers will ding this segment because the facts trouble them.”

In reality, the blackouts in Texas were caused not by any particular power source, but by Texas’s failure to prepare for climate change-fueled extreme weather. In order to protect their “golden calf”—fossil fuels—Republican officials publicly sought to place the majority of the blame for Texas’s blackouts on wind reliability. Practically every major news outlet in the country debunked that lie, an attempt to use a tragedy to score political points.

Still, Bongino adopted wholesale the argument made by the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, which was that the only reason nuclear and gas failed during the deep freeze was because it was trying to make up for the gaps in wind power. Ironically, that editorial was debunked by the journal’s own news section.


2 Responses to “YouTube Suspends Climate Denier Bongino for Covid Disinformation”

  1. jimbills Says:

    An article today in Politico:

    We Found the One Group of Americans Who Are Most Likely to Spread Fake News

    It points to low conscientious conservatives with an appetite for chaos as the main source of misinformation – sort of a ‘no duh’ – but it points out that social media users can be psychologically identified by their activity and thereby sent ‘reliable information’. (That seems naive to me, though. Their identified low-conscientious conservative group doesn’t prioritize truth – they prioritize power, and will actively seek out anything that might give it to them.)

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    One of my older defenses of masks, which are useful in reducing the probability of contagion:
    Oxygen molecules are all we need to breathe through masks.

    Viruses are expelled in droplets via talking, singing, coughing and sneezing. The smaller droplets loft in the air and travel further, but contain few viruses. The larger droplets have more viruses, but fall out of the air more quickly. (The “dose” of virus particles is called the inoculum.)

    One micron (μm) is one millionth of a meter: .000001 m

    O2 molecule: .0005μm
    Single coronavirus: 0.1μm
    Fine droplets that loft: ~175μm
    Large droplets that fall: ~600μm

    The particles that your mask needs to stop are about 300,000 times larger than oxygen molecules.
    The issue with the omicron variant is that it needs a low dose of inoculum to infect your respiratory tract than previous variants. That’s why more restrictive masks (or better mask discipline) is needed to give the same level of contagion probability.

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