Graphs of the Day

January 12, 2022

Wonder what the impact of last winter’s Texas blackout was on gas prices? Have any doubts that the blackout was a gas problem above all? Graphs are fun.

Below, contributing factors to the current gas crunch in Europe, (and gas price ramp in the US) include market manipulation by Russia, poor anticipation of post-Covid economic surge, and wild cards like a once -in-a-century “wind drought” In the North Sea, and climate-amped extreme events around the world, like Hurricane Ida’s impact on Gulf Coast production, and a severe drought impacting Brazil.

Below, new research shows Ocean heat, the ultimate repository of energy trapped by greenhouse gases, is rising at record rates.

My Yale Climate Connections colleague Jeff Masters has a Top Ten climate disasters list for 2021.
We used to think in terms of “Billion Dollar Disasters”, now Jeff has a graph of the increase in >20 Billion dollar events.

Time series of global weather mega-disasters costing at least $20 billion (adjusted to 2021 dollars). Data for 1980-2020 is from the international disaster database, EMDAT; data for 2021 is from insurance broker Aon. There has been a concerning rise in these mega-disasters in recent years, as evidenced by the blue linear trend line, and 2021 had the most on record: four. Note that the Aon database has at least one $20+ billion-dollar event not in the EMDAT database: monsoon flooding in China that cost $35 billion in 2020.

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