Scientist: “Thanks for your Concern”

January 8, 2022

I made an inquiry to a well-known senior scientist recently in regard to an interview.

We connected, and I’ll be rolling that out soon, but in the course of our exchange, I got this auto-respond from his account, which I thought was well done.

As of early January, I am currently receiving an overwhelming number of requests for assistance, advice, and media interviews. I’m currently conducting inbox triage, and can only respond to an increasingly small fraction of incoming messages at this time–although I am reading all incoming email.

If you are a journalist: I am currently only able to respond affirmatively to ~5% of incoming interview requests, and will respond directly to your email if I am able. Please also keep in mind that I consider all statements on my (twitter account) and (my blog) to be on-the-record.

If you are seeking my participation in a panel/forum: I am humbled and overwhelmed by the number of incoming requests, but my schedule for the next several months is essentially full at this point. I will respond directly to your email if I am able.

If you are a colleague or research collaborator: I will prioritize your email and respond ASAP.

If you are contacting me regarding chemtrails, direct energy weapons, giant fans that can blow away atmospheric high pressure systems, or the “fat cat climate science cabal:” Thank you for your concern. 🙂


2 Responses to “Scientist: “Thanks for your Concern””

  1. disperser Says:

    Overall, I like the canned reply but found it full of redundancies and unnecessary qualifiers and adjectives.

    Kind of disappointing writing from a “senior scientist”, but OK … I still like the last paragraph.

  2. indy222 Says:

    The only thing that the last paragraph response needed to dig the knife a little deeper and add a twist, is a “/s”

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