In Des Moines: TV Met Explaining Warming Winters

January 7, 2022

TV Meteorologist for Des Moines, Iowa Television station KCCI has used his platform recently to talk about the winter weather in Iowa in the context of a warming planet.

Winter is the season that is, on the average globally, warming fastest.
I’ve more and more been turning to local television stations for credible, on the ground, and high quality coverage of key stories. For instance, during last winter’s Texas blackout, KHOU in Houston, and WFAA in Dallas/FtWorth were invaluable. I recently posted a KCRG (Cedar Rapids again) expose of misinformation campaigns against solar energy.

Recently, WOWT in Omaha tipped me off to the Nebraska State Climatologist, Martha Shulski, who is a superstar communicator, that I just interviewed yesterday. Look for more on that soon.

Chris Gloninger, above, and below, is a good example of an increasing number of TV mets who view explaining climate change as part of their professional responsibility.

I’ll be talking to another key local TV weather explainer next week.

A few years ago, I spoke to a number of TV mets on the challenges of using their platform in service of the science.


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