Gas Barons Have not Learned Lessons of Blackouts

January 6, 2022

More on the continued vulnerability of the Texas grid to weather related blackouts.
Above, from my interview with Houston Chronicle reporter Chris Tomlinson last year – Chris expressed some doubt that politicians and regulators will hold the gas industry accountable and responsible for making needed changes.

KUT Austin:

After last winter’s big blackout, Texas state officials vowed to keep natural gas flowing during the next freeze. Failures along the gas supply chain were one of the main causes of the blackout: After all, if fuel can’t get to power plants, power can’t get to Texans.

Almost a year after that historic power failure, the state’s natural gas system has been tested by a far milder cold spell. Some energy experts say it did not pass the test.

According to estimates from Bloomberg and other industry analysis, Texas gas production dropped by around 20% as the cold front arrived last weekend. It was the largest decrease in supply since February’s winter storm. The reason, according to documents filed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, includes equipment breaking down in the freezing temperatures.


One Response to “Gas Barons Have not Learned Lessons of Blackouts”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    We should call it “Abbot’s Freeze” rather than Uri. Tie the can to that dog’s tail.

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