Disaster in Colorado Makes the Point – How Long Before Insurance Companies Pull the Rug on Climate Risks?

December 31, 2021

It’s already happening in California fire-risk areas – and too an extent in Florida’s coastal flooding zone.
How much longer are Insurance companies going to bear the risk of homeowners in at-risk areas?

Rude shock coming for a lot of homeowners.


One Response to “Disaster in Colorado Makes the Point – How Long Before Insurance Companies Pull the Rug on Climate Risks?”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Yes, here’s Joe Manchin expressing his great concern for his fellow countrypeople if we move too fast (or at all, really) to EVs, because of their foreign supply chains. Of course, not like oil, of which 20% comes from Canada, Mexico, Russia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia… all of whom we get along with so well and would never stop the flow of oil for their own interests.

    And it’s not like there are any sources or potential sources of lithium, nickel, and so on in the US or Canada, right? Or any way to avoid having to build so many cars. Like, you know, trains. And buses. Running on clean safe renewable power. Most of which can charge at nearly every stop so they don’t need very big batteries, especially in relation to the number of passengers they would carry if priced to be used.*

    You must have had this many shots to ride: https://www.kindpng.com/imgv/TmRJhmi_scout-salute-emoji-hd-png-download/

    In other news, Manchin said since the other Democrats were forcing him to vote against the Build Back Better Bill, with its provisions for miners afflicted by Black Lung, he was personally going to pay for treatment for everyone in West Virginia who has it or gets it, and to take care of their families as long as they need it.

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